Return of stolen cars from Russia

Return of stolen cars from Russia

Our law firm helps to return cars from Russia to their rightful owners. Russia is a popular market for stolen cars from Europe. Police reveals more and more cars with fake VIN numbers every year. As a result of the examination, the original VIN number is appeared. If the original number is in the Interpol database, the requesting state is notified.

As a rule, the return of the car takes some time. A car may have bona fide owners who are not interested in giving it away. In this situation, the police put the car in a special parking. Applicants may seek recognition of their rights in court.

We have a successful experience of working with insurance companies like «Württembergische Versicherung» and individuals to return cars. In the 1st stage we conclude an agreement and enter in criminal case. We need power of attorney for representation of interests and some documents on the right to the car. After receiving the documents, we lodge a bid to the police and wait answer. We can know information about owners in Russia from the answer.

In the 2nd stage we conclude an agreement to conduct a civil case. Our Russian lawyers prepare lawsuit against new owners, police participate in the case as the interested organization. To go to court you need to pay a state fee, which depends on the price of the car. If new owners of car object to the claim, the legal fees can be recovered. In the 3rd stage, when the court adopted a positive decision, we file a bid to police again and apply the decision. After that, the police return the car. The car can’t be sold in Russian market except for parts. Usually returning the car to the owner is more cost-effective. We have experience in moving such cars across the border to Europe. Our company work in different parts of Russia. If you need to return the stolen car from Russia, please contact us by e-mail:

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